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Anjali, an Early Childhood teacher, has worked with children for decades, giving her a keen insight into the kingdom of childhood. Her music and storytelling have been treasured by many, helping to transform and heal children and parents alike.

The Fairy’s Flowers

Narration & Songs by Anjali
Story by Mukti Hava Bauman
Adapted by Didi Anandarama


The Fairy’s Flowers is a 40-minute journey, designed to teach your children lessons in the ten universal cardinal values. The story is simply narrated, with no jarring whistles or drums. Phrases are sung throughout to help carry the fairy-tale, using the lyre, Indian bells, guitar, harmonies and counter voices. 13 celestial songs satisfy the young child’s need for repetition. A jewel to cherish for years to come!

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Listen to Samples

1. The Fairy’s Flowers Story

2. I Am Happy

3. Mother of the Fairytale 

4. Wonderful Things

5. ‘Tis A Gift

6. God Is In Everything                                         

7. The Morning Sun

8. Have You Ever Seen?

9. Child of the Universe

10. God Was Whispering

11. I Am The Wind

12. Who Has Seen The Wind?

13. Sunlight

14. Sweetness of God



By Robin McDonald

Imagine being transported into the world of fairies, and listening to a story that not only entertains your children, but also teaches them some of the important lessons of the world. Anjali’s new CD entitled The Fairy’s Flowers will do just that.

The story, written by Mukti Hava Bauman and adapted by Didi Anandarama, is a 40-minute mixture of narrative and songs that are designed to teach your children lessons in the ten cardinal values: non-harming, benevolent truth, non-stealing, universal love, simple living, purity of mind and body, contentment, service, spiritual knowledge, and contemplation. SEE MORE

“The Fairy’s Flowers is truly an exceptional children’s CD, void of a commercial feel. Even young children can easily sing along. The story on track 1 will captivate any audience. This CD is a gem worth telling all your friends about! Bravo, Anjali!” ~ Wendy Willtrout, VP of Operations, Anusara Inc.

 “My children were captivated from the start! They are clearly enchanted and moved by the story, and the beautiful, loving vocals of the artist. We have listened to this CD many times and they always prefer to hear it all the way through. We are rarely so absorbed by a recording – it is simply brilliant!”
~ Deanna Bordelon, RSc.P., Creative Life Spiritual Center

 “Anjali’s gentle voice sings and brings peace to our lives as we listen to the sweet story of the boy Jonathan. We find many references of The Fairy’s Flowers in our daily lives. When life is hectic, we will turn on the CD and cuddle – I even sing along. My favorite days are when there is no other music but my children singing the sweet melodies they have heard from The Fairy’s Flowers.” ~ Charlie Paul, Co-founder, Parents with Awareness

 “The Fairy’s Flowers is a unique experience for both adults and children: adults, through both the music and the story, can learn how to guide children into living a life of love; children’s capacity to love is enhanced through the CD as well.”
~ P.K. McCary, Storyteller/Founder of The Peace Hour

“In our house, the CD is a big success. The children love the CD. Pieter says: Can I hear the CD with the monkey? And all of us are singing along with the songs. The story flows very naturally, so they are absorbed by it. By singing the songs, those [universal] values are internalized.”~ Lauw Klaassen, Storyteller



 Festival Songs Downloads 

In 2003, Anjali recorded this CD for The Harvest School website as a learning tool for parents. Simply sung, these songs are a community resource to help prepare for upcoming Lantern and Advent festivals!

Glimmer Lantern, Glimmer | My Lantern | The Sunlight Frost is Dwindling

Bring the Boughs | Advent Garden |Mary Wandering | Mother Mary Gently Walking

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