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ShantiAnjali Music is a site for healing, qualitative music that will profoundly affect your heart and mind. At ShantiAnjali Music, you will find joyful music for the soul, energy changing chants, and songs of personal transformation.

ShantiAnjali Music is used by people of all ages – in yoga and NIA classes for deep relaxation, in daily meditation practices to regain peaceful balance and maintain positive thinking. Parents and educators use Sweet Joy and The Fairy’s Flowers as lessons, lullabies, and healing talismans for young children. More about Anjali

workshops & performances Discover how Anjali’s music embelishes self-development workshops and special events
voice Let Anjali guide you to find your true inner voice through a process of trust and love
recording Anjali specializes in vocal production in several languages and genres

“Where the feelings and sensibilities are deep and subtle –
where one has to create vibrations in the molecules and atoms of the body,
in the chords of the heart –
there, the music has to follow an extraordinary path.”
~ Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

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